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So you have received your file and you’re excited to print it. Here are some helpful tips:


  • Know what size you want to print the image, not all frames come in the A range. Its helpful to source the frame first.

  • Choose your printer. For larger prints we recommend using a professional printer, for smaller prints you can use the home or office printer. 


**Please note that non professional printers may produce a different colour gamut to that of the image you see on screen. Its always best to use a professional printer where possible. 

Here are some printers that you should have near by (Australia only)

✓ Officeworks (huge variety of stores all over Australia) Print on quality uncoated and coated stock, upload and order online and collect within a couple of days.

✓ Kmart Have a huge selection of print sizes and frames you can buy in store.

✓ BigW Also do decor printing in-house, affordable, fast and professional.


We also recommend looking at your local camera shop as they probably provide a printing service.


There are frames all over the place!




 Reject Shop


 Online - Ebay

  Online - Etsy

 Online - Amazon

Support local and see if you have any local framers that you could use. 

Frames on the Wall
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